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Our expertise includes:

Seismik serves the needs of the oil and gas industry.

Analysis of earthquakes close to your reservoirs from publicly available or private networks is our "bread and butter". We improve USGS locations, calculate mechanisms for small events, and improve detection for very small events. We provide specialty research applied to exploration areas without information on local stress orientation (source mechanisms of local tectonic events), or detection of active faults which are likely conductive for fluids (relative locations of local tectonic events).

Re-processing of downhole data includes finding source mechanisms from downhole data (and relative locations), general reprocessing of downhole data if results are difficult to interpret or not trustworthy. We reprocess results and target specific questions - e.g., uncertainty in velocity model, orientation of tools, etc. The added value - source mechanisms from multiple wells / computation of the shear solution and fault plane variability from a single well - to provide information about variations in strikes of the fracture network for reservoir modeling.

Designing an optimal network of your seismic stations both on the surface and in the wells may be achieved with Seismik special software and solution called NetDesign.

Near real-time monitoring of potential (induced) seismicity may be provided with Safefrac system. This service and solution created by Seismik can make your water injection or hydraulic fracturing safe. Data are uploaded from monitoring stations to the server and are processed within several minutes.