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Our technical staff have over 30 years of combined research experience, over 24 years of education, and over 60 publications.

Team leaders

LEO EISNER, Ph.D., President
Leo Eisner

Leo's unique expertise in seismic research is in both ray theory as well as finite difference modeling. After completing his Ph.D. on earthquake hazard assessment at the California Institute of Technology, Leo joined Cambridge Schlumberger Research as a Senior Research Scientist for six years. There he worked on down-hole monitoring of micro-seismic events. In 2008, Leo joined Microseismic Inc. (MSI), where he led the Development department, focusing on surface monitoring of microseismicity, in the capacity of Senior Geophysicist and Chief Geophysicist. Currently Leo carries out research as the Purkyne Fellow at the Institute of Rock Mechanics and Structure within the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. He is also a consulting geophysical advisor for MSI.

Leo’s goal is to improve understanding of induced seismicity in general, as well as to help operators to understand and improve microseismic analysis in their reservoirs. He also helps to maintain MSI in its leadership in surface monitoring.

He is a member of the Seismological Society of America, Society of Exploration Geophysics, Society of Petroleum Engineering, the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers, and the American Geophysical Union. He is an active participant in all of these societies, having organized special sessions, served as associate editor and editorial organizer of various journals, given many invited talks, and is an active reviewer of the latest research publications. Leo is a coauthor on 15 peer-reviewed papers, 4 business journals, 16 extended abstracts, and has received 42+ citations in reviewed journals and books. Additionally, he is an author or coauthor on 10 patents and patent applications.

ZUZANA JECHUMTÁLOVÁ, Ph.D., Vice president, Project Manager
Zuzana Jechumtálová
      1. Zuzana has studied seismology at the Department of Geophysics (Faculty of Mathematics and Physics), Charles University of Prague, where she has earned her M.Sc. (Master of Science degree) in 1994 followed by RNDr. and Ph.D. diplomas in 2000 and 2001. Her M.Sc. thesis dealt with the 3-D numerical modeling of seismic waves by finite differences. After her university studies she has joined the Geophysical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (AS CR), where she has focused on seismic source studies and inversion problems and compiled her Ph.D. thesis.

        Zuzana, as a research scientist, has specialized in various seismic source investigations and their applications in monitoring and modeling of natural and induced seismic events, focal stress pattern studies, etc. She took part in numerous research projects, and at their frames she has spent several months in various foreign geophysical institutions: International Centre for Theoretical Physics (Italy), Schlumberger Gould Research Center (England) and ESG Solutions (Canada).

        Zuzana was cooperating as a part-time employee with the Institute of Rock Structure and Mechanics, AS CR, where she has studied induced seismicity at coal mine, geodynamics, and stress fields. Presently she is still participating in the research at the Geophysical Institute, AS CR.

        As an active scientist in seismology and related branches, Zuzana has coordinated 3 research projects and participated in over 18 projects, three of them as a part of EU projects. She is the author or co-author on 14 impact and 6 reviewed papers that have been cited in over 60+ articles. Her professional qualification manifests also H-index 6. Additionally, she is a coauthor on one patent.

MILOSLAV MUSIL, Ph.D., Vice president, Project Manager
Miloslav Musil
      1. Mila has studied seismology at the Department of Geophysics (Faculty of Mathematics and Physics), Charles University of Prague, where he has earned his M.Sc. (Master of Science degree) and RNDr. in 1986. He worked on seismic wave fields of three-dimensional attenuating media, with application to vertical seismic profiling.

        After his university studies he has joined the Geophysical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (AS CR), where he has focused on numerical modelling, analysis of digital signals, interactive and semi-automatic data analysis procedures and discrimination between local microearthquakes and quarry blasts by multilayer perceptrons and Kohonen maps. He defended his CSc. (Ph.D.) thesis “Automatic detection and identification of seismic waves P and S” in 1992 and worked as research scientist in Geophysical Institute until 1995.

        From 1995 to 2014 Mila worked as systems engineer, system manager and project manager in several international ICT companies, last 11 years as a senior project manager and certified Project Management Professional in IBM.

        He has years of experience in managing teams and projects in the areas of integration of information technology and system solutions in numerous sectors of ICT, custom development projects and implementation of large-scale Enterprise systems.

HANA HOLLANOVÁ, Ph.D., Senior Analyst
Hana Hollanová
      1. Hanka has received her M.Sc. degree at Charles University in Prague (Faculty of Science) in Applied Geophysics with specialization on seismic and electric methods. The topic of her thesis was a compilation of a representative 3D velocity model of the crust of the Bohemian Massif (central Europe) from the results of controlled source seismology. Currently she is finishing her PhD. studies at Charles University in Prague (Faculty of Mathematics and Physics). Her focus is seismic tomography of the upper mantle beneath the Bohemian Massif. To extend her practical experience during the studies, she has worked for eight weeks in the ETH Zürich on an update of a FOTRAN tomography code for inversion of teleseismic travel-time residuals.

        She also took a part in the ERASMUS student exchange program and studied one year at Uppsala University - attending courses on Applied and Environmental Geophysics, Seismology, Seismic Wave Propagation and Geodynamics. Hanka has previously worked at The Geophysical Institute of Academy of Sciences in Prague, where she worked on analyses of teleseismic waveforms and tomography inversion of the lithospheric mantle.