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Surface microseismic monitoring

Seismic event recorded on different stations.

Passive seismic processing includes a variety of services using publicly available or private data. For detection of seismic events special algorithms, proven methods of work and proprietary software are used. Proprietary filtering improves signal to noise ratio and provides another insight into your data. At a local station we can detect all the seismic events down to M=0. At a remote station 250 km away we are able to achieve catalogue completeness down to M=1.5. Detection may be focused on general seismicity or seismic events correlating with the master event. Location of events is either absolute or relative and may be used to find out relationship between seismic events and human activity. Our sophisticated methods combine automatic and manual processing and include uncertainties quantifications of both relative and absolute locations. We refine locations provided by national surveys or other public seismologic organizations. Seismic data analysis includes source mechanism analysis and stress orientation determination.

Sensitive data are saved in the secured data storage. Tailored web map portal is used for the visualization of the results. It includes many possibilities of presentations both on the maps and in the charts. Our clients have a chance to analyse the results on their own.