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NetDesign - passive seismic monitoring network design

Network sensitivity
Sensitivity - minimal detectable moment magnitude

NetDesign is a service that helps determine the optimal network geometry for passive seismic monitoring during fluid injection (e.g. salt water disposal or hydraulic fracturing). This tool computes the theoretical characteristics of local surface seismic networks, downhole arrays, as well as, complex seismic monitoring networks, for example a combination of surface and borehole receivers. By using NetDesign, the client can avoid problems due to insufficient network coverage while minimizing cost by using an optimal network design.

NetDesign uses specially developed software package to determine the sensitivity of the monitoring network. NetDesign calculates location accuracy values mapped in the area of interest. Location accuracy shows the maximum location error in both horizontal and vertical directions that is expected for a proposed network. Outputs can be presented as horizontal and vertical slices mapping network sensitivity and location accuracy (see below). Unlike other software packages, NetDesign also includes the capability to calculate possible source mechanisms as well as attenuation. Typically there are several network geometry candidates that are compared using NetDesign, or we may propose an optimal monitoring network maximizing performance and minimizing cost.

NetDesign is used for setting up a real-time seismic monitoring system SafeFrac developed by Seismik.