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Do you want to answer any of the following questions? Ask Seismik!

  • Are there earthqaukes near our well or in the area where we plan an operation?
  • How strong are the seismic events recorded?
  • What is the location of these seismic events? What are the uncertainties of these locations?
  • We are not sure whether this seismic activity was natural, triggered or induced. Can you help us?
  • Was there any seismic activity in the area preceding the installation of local stations?
  • We have doubts about the earthquake locations provided by the national geological survey. Can you check it?
  • We do not understand the downhole monitoring results provided. Can you check it and help us to interpret the data?
  • We are going to drill in a specific area. How should a network for a cost-effective seismic monitoring look like?
  • Can you estimate a possible maximum magnitude of an earthquake induced by our injection?
  • We really don't want to cause any felt earthquakes by the hydraulic fracturing. Is it possible to avoid it by using a real-time monitoring?
  • Can you monitor a specified area and find out if there are any seismically active structures?
  • We would like to learn more about seismicity in the vicinity of oil/gas reservoirs. Do you offer any course in microseismic monitoring. Can you offer such a course in our company to suit our specific needs?