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Downhole data reprocessing

Observed microseismic events characterize the nature and extent of rock fracturing. They are typically located with errors exceeding the fracture width, but the error of locations is smaller than the fracture length and height. Hence, precise locations can provide precise fracture shape determinations. Higher location accuracy is achieved through relative positioning of microseismic events, a technique that is rarely used in routine microseismic processing. We deliver the relative locations enhanced by consistent picking of phase arrivals of P and S waves. Locations with improved accuracy are generally more suitable for better completion and engineering decisions. They also help characterize the geometry of the fracture growth, well integrity, and stage separation. Our source mechanisms and moment magnitude determinations are based on unique modeling and inversion of attenuation and provide stress and natural fracture orientation. These techniques are improved when using multiple-well data processing that provides more accurate results and more reliable information can be deduced from them. Accurate locations and source mechanisms can then serve as input for absolute stress inversion analysis.

Tailored web map portal is used for the visualization of the results. It includes many possibilities of presentations both on the maps and in the charts. Our clients have a chance to analyse the results on their own.